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I've coached thousands of
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James is based in Sydney Australia and has started, developed and sold multiple successful businesses.

A passionate father, investor, surfer, husband, coach, mentor and lover of freedom, James excels in making the complex world of business simple so that your quality of life can improve.

When James started online he was a General Manager working with Mercedes-Benz commanding a large team of employees in a multi-million dollar business by day and an online marketer by night.

Since buying his first laptop in 2005 James has sold well over TEN million dollars online. James has learnt a thing or two about:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Service provision such as website development and SEO services
  • Local Business marketing
  • Mastermind Coaching and high level consulting
  • Information Product creation and sales
  • Workshops and webinars
  • Forum marketing
  • Traffic techniques

James Schramko recently spoke at Ad World 2021 alongside Seth Goden, Craig Clemens, Pat Flynn and Sir Martin Sorrell and other marketing greats. Ad World is the world's largest online advertising event, with over 50,000 attendees around the globe.

I have met many smart people around the world who have shared high level concepts with me that have helped me generate more than a million dollars each year since. I share this information with you.
James Schramko with

Jay Abraham

James Schramko with

Robert Cialdini

James Schramko with

Joe Sugarman


James possesses a ‘no-holds barred’ approach to business which frees him to think outside ingrained assumptions regarding one’s current realities and future opportunities. His candid advice in Work Less, Make More provides bold and practical wisdom for any person, of any vocation, who wants to lift the lid on their creative potential and move into unexplored territories of freedom and opportunity.